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  1. Andrew

    I had a very similar experience with Donald’s work (and that of Charles Grant) in the late 80’s. I remember fighting battle with Airfix figures and rules dutifully copied out of one or more of their books.

    I’m tempted to get the books from my local library and see how the rules stand up. I suspect they’ll be as elegant now as they were then.

    1. Gav Thorpe

      It’s a style of rules and an approach to gaming that I think has been missed by many gamers that have come to the hobby since the emergence of GW, Privateer, Battle Front and such – of recreating and creating battles as battles rather than games without getting bogged down in simulation. The concept of army lists and competitive play just doesn’t really enter in to the idea. Not that one style is worse or better, but I am a huge fan of the ‘grab some soldiers and play a game’ school of thought.

  2. Piers Renfree

    Sorry to hear that. My youngest brother and I started wargaming with model Knights in armour and then our middle brother told us that was just like Warhammer! This was in the early to mid 90’s.

    1. Gav Thorpe

      Britain’s Knights, by any chance? I’m sure others were available. I’m also reminded of the plastic cowboys and Indians we had, complete with proper wooden fort.

      Every time I see a pack of knights or vikings or Robin Hood’s Merry Men I want to buy them and write some rules.

      In fact, keep your eyes peeled for future developments… :)

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