3 responses to “Whatchoo Readin’ (fer)?”

  1. David

    My reading habits for trilogies and long series depend greatly on when I “discover” the series. Generally I don’t know about a trilogy until it is complete, or a series until it is well established. So, while I read most trilogies as a collection or all together, I would read the books as they come out if I knew to get in at the start. The same is true for long series: I generally latch onto a series longer than four books before it is complete, read everything that is out, then read the remaining books as they come.

  2. D. D. Syrdal

    What David said. :::nods:::

  3. xisor

    Personally, though an Omnibus is great value, I’ve found I struggle to rush through them, so usually break between novels. Also, they’re a honking great nuisance for carrying around. Bundled/omnibus/anthology ebooks, on the otherhand, can be excellent with very little downside (even if I don’t read them all consecutively).

    David captures my thoughts on trilogies/series nicely too: omnibus are great if I’m late to the party, but I’d be very unlikely wait for them if I’d already started.

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