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  1. mephistonag

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    Bit of blowing one’s own trumpet but why not 😉

  2. Black Library Fan (@BringBackSquats)

    What ever happened to that Anthology you were judging for The Great Crusade Forum?

    1. Gav Thorpe

      Not sure – offered my services and then didn’t hear anything else. Shame.

  3. Gav''s bruv

    OMG – Anazar’s crystal – I’d completely forgotten that one…but not ‘Super Gav’ or ‘Being a nuisance’…….

    1. Gav Thorpe

      Just as well I went with writing rather than being a superhero or rock star.

  4. Sieglinde

    For a month or so I have been posting a few short story pieces in the fan fiction/art forum on the Mythic Warhammer Online site. I’ve gotten quite a lot of positive in game responses to what i have written, but at some point one lonely started trolling my thread with “I didn’t read” memes. It was mind boggling, to say the least, as who in their right mind goes to a fan fiction forum to post a comment in a story thread to say they didn’t read it. The troll finally finished with “Actually what im wondering is what kind of moron posts a roleplaying story, period.”

    Reading this blog reminded me of exactly why I do indeed write. And that I need to finish haha. Thank you for this, and I hope you don’t mind me quoting your paragraph on fan fiction and the following one as my rebuttal. It was the perfect response in my eyes, and carries more weight than anything I could convey. I did give you proper credit of course!

  5. Matt Keefe

    “When I left Games Workshop a few years ago, I had a few sessions with an employment consultant.”

    Read this as ‘sex therapist’ for some reason.

  6. Mark S Thompson

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    An excellent insight.

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