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  1. Anthony Reynolds

    Nosebag. Snigger.

  2. Thefallenprinces

    Received your signed books and they winging their way to a very grateful competition winner, thanks. I will be at Games Day this year so hopefully I can get you too sign a book :)

    1. Gav Thorpe

      Cool, be sure to say hello!

  3. Brendon

    It was a pleasure to meet you and the other Black Library authors at Games Day AU, and once again thankyou for signing my copy of the Last Chancers Omnibus.

    I didn’t get the chance to ask you about this as I must confess to being a little starstruck, but in the novel Kill Team, the scene with the Deathwatch Space Marine engaging several Tau battle-suits is one of the most epic scenes I’ve read. I was wondering if you had any particular Chapter of Space Marine in mind when you wrote him or you see all Space Marines being that way.

    Ave Imperator,


    1. Gav Thorpe

      Hi, thanks for coming along.

      Brother Dionis is an example of an experienced Deathwatch space marine, tooled-up for a specific foe (in this case the Tau). I wanted the scene to be a stark contrast to the woes of the kill team; a moment of glorious combat that shows why space marines are held in such awe and fear. There was no specific chapter I had in mind at the time, though the references to his prayer and the eagle scarring on his chest would suggest one of the more zealous chapters, perhaps a Black Templar…

  4. Sildani

    I understand you’re busy and jetting around, but I was kinda hoping for a word or two about Path of the Outcast and the Path trilogy in general. Very nice book, great trilogy, and a way of ending the battle that I never expected – well done. Hopefully you’ll one day expound on how you felt Outcasts lived, where the idea that an Eldar would live through the Kami came from, and so on. There’s much to learn about why you made some of the choices you did regarding not just the plot but the Eldar as a whole.

    Oh, did Andy Chambers and yourself have any cross-pollination of ideas within your respective Eldar novels?

    1. Gav Thorpe

      Though Andy and I did not work on anything specific together – the stories are not linked – we have spent considerable time in the past talking about Eldar and I suppose both visit the same well of knowledge that we created while in Games Dev. I would expect to see more influence from Andy’s work in mine going forward, if I have the opportunity to involve Dark Eldar.

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