38 responses to “Crown of the Competition”

  1. Ed Wells

    Crown of the highly intellectual yet violent guinea pig

  2. AJ

    Crown of the Dead or Crown of the Tyrant

    1. AJ

      Oh whoops. That’ll teach me to not read the proper guidelines!

      Crown of the Zombie Tyrant or Crown of the Politically Obtuse

  3. cjchestnut

    Crown of the Fargo

  4. Gav Thorpe

    I should also point out that I can sign these, of course.

  5. Gareth O'Keeffe

    Crown of the Knight or Crown of Triumph

  6. K Thoroughgood

    Send in the Crowns
    The Crown Menace (it’s a prequel)
    50 Crowns of Grey (new bestsellers – ride this bandwagon Gav!)
    Harry Potter and the Crown of Blood (again – tried and true formula)

  7. Eric Slaney

    Crown of the Super Crown

  8. Bart Beswick

    Crown of the Hamster

  9. Bart Beswick

    Crown of the Internet

  10. David Stillberg

    Crown of the Doormouse.

  11. Gareth O'Keeffe

    Crown of the Magnum Caput

  12. Joseph Everett Pearce

    ‘Crown of the Fellow with the Abnormally Shaped Head, You Know the One, That Guy with the Yellow Suspenders always Traipsing about the Old Abbey, Swinging a Parasol and Chanting Queen’s ‘Somebody To Love’ backwards in Latin. That Guy.’

  13. Mortemer

    Crown of the 4th book

  14. The Troubled Scribe

    Crown of the Royal

    Crown of the Jackal

    Crown of the man who once was king but is now dead and nobody liked him very much anyway.

  15. James Carn

    Crown of the slightly tanned piglet……

  16. alexshalenko

    Crown of the Vaguely Menacing Yet Suitably Epic Sounding Noun?

  17. raspoutine

    Crown of the brown

    Crown of headlessness

    crwn f consonants

  18. Geoff

    Crown of the Royal Rhubarb Rider

  19. adam

    Crown of the 50 Shades of Gray

  20. adam

    Crown of the Heroic Sounding Word.

  21. adam

    Crown of the Generic Title

  22. adam

    Crown of the Olympic Hero: Usain Bolt. Who indecently would be slower if his name was Jimmy Plod.

  23. Andy Carrick

    Crown of the Trouser Python.

  24. Martin

    The Crown of the Fat King

  25. dan clark

    Crown of the cautionary clown

  26. Davide Cortese

    Crown of the Toilet Slug

  27. areyoustillthere

    Crown of the Turning That Frown Upside Down!

  28. Davide Cortese

    Crown of the Twilight Vampire

  29. Davide Cortese

    Crown of the Gay Unicorn

  30. Davide Cortese

    Crown of the Maimed Juggler

  31. Davide Cortese

    Crown of the Blind Sniper

  32. Davide Cortese

    Crown of the Mechanical Hamster

  33. The Troubled Scribe

    Crown of the He who shall not be named.

    Crown of the Man Whose Fries aren’t as good as those from the Magical Arches.

    Crown of the Soldier who took an arrow to the knee.

    my girlfriend says…. (I’m ashamed to type this….) Crown of the Bloody Tampon

  34. Sildani

    Crown of the Orthodontist

    The Broken Crown of Jack Waterman

    The Crown of the Phlegm (Not Nearly as Coveted as the Other Crowns in this Quadrilogy)

    BTW, I’m reading the Path of the Outcast e-book. Very nice so far, and I expect to see a blog entry about it, and the Path trilogy as a whole. I think you have some explaining to do re: the Solitaire…

  35. Davide Cortese

    Crown of the Tummy Bug

  36. Lord of the Night

    Crown of the Ultimate Badass

    Crown of the Mechanical Hamster King

  37. Mihai A.

    The Crown of the Writer Formerly Known as Mechanical Hamster

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