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  1. Nick

    Good read. Enjoyed it, but you’re missing the whole D&D series. I’ve read over 90 of them and elves still feature heavily in the Forgotten Realms setting especially the Drow – War of the Spider Queen as an example. Warhammer is a great world but still small compared to Forgotten Realms and arguably also to Dragonlance.

    Also, Tad Williams uses an Elf-like race in Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn – and Raymond E. Feist has elves. Agree George RR Martin is a departure but his Westeros work borders on historic fiction. He has sprinkled a few Dragons, Dire Wolves and Undead on Historic Fiction and calls it fantasy. It’s a good read but his fantasy is a bit like the Late Lord Frey – unreliable if indeed it ever truly arrives.

  2. The Troubled Scribe

    Raymond E. Feist has some great books.

  3. Robert Holmes

    It’s probably worth mentioning that video games have added a new facet to the changing faces of Fantasy.

    For their sins, games have used, dissected and reassembled many fantasy tropes and I dare say forged something new along the way.

    Interestingly, a more recent game went so far as to write the Dwarfs out of their story as part of the build up to the planned sequel. Said sequel now contains no classic fantasy ‘races’ save some Dragons and a few beasties. A family of newly branded ‘not-human’ fantasy folk have been conjured to fill the gap. (Though that in itself isn’t a new trick as far as Fantasy writing goes, with warlike beastly baddies who smell suspiciously like Orcs, but are not Orcs, etc.)

    It will be interesting to see if the widespread popularity of some games might some day grant a new born fantasy race a similar status as Dwarfs and Elves in the consciousness of future generations of Fantasy readers and writers.

    Interesting stuff Mr. Thorpe. Keep up the good work!

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