3 responses to “Genesis of an Idea”

  1. Reds8n

    I always love reading about the actual how-to and thinking behind a novel. It seems to me that what you actually produced is better than the original plans/thoughts. Almost like there might be something in this planning and thinking lark.

    It’s cool the way that things (more or less) fell into place as well timing wise, most serendipitous indeed. Karma FTW perhaps eh ?

  2. Batjutsu

    Interesting overview, cheers :)

    “sketchy map I had to draw” – are you one to ever use flowcharts?

  3. Jonathan Green (@jonathangreen)

    Hi Gav

    It’s great to read your insights into the creative process. And three 150,000 word novels? That’s no mean feat!

    Congratulations on the publication of number 2.

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