8 responses to “What a Tangled Web We Weave”

  1. Richard Ford

    I did something similar for the epic fantasy I’m working on currently, but planned it in excel. Only time will tell if it’s worked or not.

  2. Matt Keefe

    I’d have hoovered that carpet first if I was you.

  3. Tim Kenyon

    Good stuff, Mr. T. May very well try that on my next short story idea – or if I can work up to novel length that might be a great trial too. At present I’m brainstorming on A1 sheets and drawing a through line for my story. It’s working OK, but I’m willing to try anything until I find ‘my method.’

  4. Sarah Cawkwell

    I planned out an entire space battle in ‘The Gildar Rift’ with the aid of random objects from Dearly Beloved’s computer desk. It was great. ‘This rubber? Yeah, that’s this strike cruiser. And this small plastic rifle from this tie-in game figure? Yeah, that’s a battle barge… so this, does that. And that, does this…’

  5. ALC

    dang, all I do is hit backspace and slam my head against the wall in frustration. Maybe I should check this out…

    Would you consider doing a future post on your method in writing a codex? Or is that strict inquisition-drags-you-away-GavT-never-existed type GW secrecy.

  6. Phoenix

    Thanks Gav, am sitting now very happily, having planned out my entire submission for the BL submissions window, using your method as described above. I can atest, it works very well.

  7. Mossy

    Hopefully you don’t need to resort to this much work for the sequel, Deliverance Regained


    1. gavthorpe

      I was thinking more along the lines of Deliverance Revisited

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