4 responses to “Aaaaand… Scene!”

  1. John

    Thank you for the ‘sand table’ walk through. 8) It has given me some “food to chew on”, and i appreciate you taking the time to share it with us.

  2. RayeRaye

    Very good post! It’s really helpful for me especially as I’m currently struggling with the last part, how to end something. It’s sometimes difficult when you’ve become attached to characters, I find, to end the story, as you feel that they haven’t ‘done enough’ yet. Thanks for some more exceptional writing advice.

  3. Mossy

    That may have been the best use of “all pear-shaped” I’ve seen around–with the scene literally bloating out swelling beyond its bounds, as I saw it.

    Excellent post, Herr Thorpe. Snappy and succinct, yet chock full of useful wisdom and examples. There may not have been much that I hadn’t already figured out with my own dabbling in the craft of writing in here, but the synthesis of it all, collected and in one place, makes it invaluable. It’s for stuff like this that I keep on wandering back here.

    Well, this and the exciting news.

    Phalanx must be proud!

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